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Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
. the government approved the operators assessment but there were no active faults underground. executives at the electric power company argued that's still the case. they say a sift found under the compound was caused by groundwater, not seismic activity. and they say the faults have not moved recently. the executives try to prove their point by boring into the ground and taking a sample. they hammered it and concluded the earth would not move. >> translator: we assessed the faults are inactive. >> translator: i can't say that part of the sample represents all other parts of the fault. >> reporter: the experts from the nuclear regulation authority will finalize the report in the next few weeks. they've instructed the people at tohoku electric to review measures to protect the plant against earthquakes. the regulators say there's a fault under the nuclear plant in central japan, too. the findings are raising questions about the safety of plants across the country. >> translator: i feel deceived and as angry with the state. >> translator: precise data should be open to reassure residents. >
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
to shut down the plant if inspectors conclude an active fault runs underneath it. government guidelines ban the construction of key nuclear facilities on active faults. kansai electric executives insist land slips and not a fault caused the fissures below ohi. after friday's inspection, the shik zach shimazaki said they will look for answers. >> translator: we'll carefully analyze what we saw today. it won't be an easy task determining what it is. >> the team of experts will be back at the plant on saturday. then they will meet early next year to produce an assessment based on the results of their inspection. >>> nra experts are checking the ground beneath a number of power plants in this earthquake-prone country. their reports on some of them could keep the facilities off line for the future or forever. nra teams say they found one active fault under tsuruga nuclear compound. the fault runs along side reactors one and two. and another fracture intersects with it under reactor two. nra investigators also released their final assessment of the higashidori plant. any confirm two faults un
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
"newsline." shinzo abe is getting down to the business of governing japan for the second time. he says his new cabinet is taking all the challenges the country faces, including a sluggish economy and last year's disaster. abe explained in his news conference his cabinet is designed to overcome the crisis. he says reviving the economy is a top priority. >> translator: a strong economy is the basis of japan's power. reviving a strong economy is essential to japan's future. my cabinet will carry out bold financial policies, well-timed fiscal policies and a strategy to encourage private investment toward economic growth. my cabinet will carry out these economic policies and achieve results. >> are prime minister abe says he and his minister also devote energy to foreign policy. he says they will strengthen diplomatic and security policies. >> translator: we should rebuild our diplomacy to protect our national interests. we are facing many challenges in our relations with china, south korea and even with the united states on which japan's security is based. strengthening japan/ize lie yans is t
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
again to swiftly join his government and put an end to deflation. he says it's only natural for the government to get involved in shaping monetary policy noting that conventional steps have failed to pull japan out of the drawn-out price downturn. abe made his call with officials of the japan business federation or keidanren on tuesday. >> translator: soon after we form a new cabinet tomorrow, i hope the government can establish a policy accord with the bank of japan to set an inflation target of 2%. the bank should be held accountable to meeting the target. >> last week boj policymakers decided to decide whether to set the 2% target in january. the bank's current goal is 1%. meanwhile the keidanren chairman is stepping up efforts to lift the nation's sagging economy. he said the landslide election victory signals the party's hope to regain a strong japan. >> translator: i think a wide variety of policies including monetary policy should be implemented to get the economy back on track. they will together help trigger economic growth again. >> he also expressed his support fo
Dec 22, 2012 8:00am PST
. but the government continues to promote private car ownershop with gas subsidies. >> the people can use their cars at weekends. saturday or sunday. we don't want to limit them to have their cars. but please, use it wisely! >> his appeal falls on deaf ears. in indonesia, the car is still very much a status symbol. all attempts to regulate traffic have failed so far. but now at peak times, the law dictates that there must be at least 3 people in each car -- and that's helped create jobs. ita taing has been working as a what's called a jockey for seven years. she earns 15,000 rupiah per journey. that's about 1 euro 25. business has been booming since she became a mother. >> it's hard when you're on your own. but now i have my child with me we fill up a car and i earn twice as much. >> most of her customers are businessmen who are keen to avoid fines. >> the 3 in 1 system may seem absurd to some. and city planners have no shortage of ideas. now they're also working on a system based on license plates. >> we also want to limit the numbers of the cars by using different numbers -- odd numbers allowed o
Dec 22, 2012 8:30am PST
to be the biggest challenge for 45 researchers on board the icebreaker. the danish government has commissioned the geologists' to find out if a seabed in as part of the arctic is part of greenland's landmass and therefore belongs to the kingdom of denmark. christian leads the expedition. in his homeland, he is one of the most experienced specialists in his field. >> we want to get to the north pole because if our hypothesis is correct, then that area belongs to us because one of the largest submarine mountain ranges belongs to us. we are looking for evidence to claim a larger area. all the way over to russia. >> the rich extends northward across the sea floor from greenland and the north pole to the new siberian islands, which are about 1,800 kilometers away. that is why the voyage is politically controversial -- russia, norway, and canada also claim part of the region. the countries are all striving to ensure valuable natural resources are on their territory. the length of the voyage is limited to 45 days. otherwise, when winter sets in, it will become trapped in the polar ice until spring. t
Dec 24, 2012 2:00am PST
in floods. climate change has exacerbated the problem. recognizing this, the regional government modernized to >> when we let the water out, it relieves the pressure. the new building project allows us to control the water better so there's no risk to the reservoir. the farmers in the piura and chira river valleys stand to benefit. >> even so, the dam can't completely prevent damage to the plantations when el niÑo strikes. that's where the giz comes in. together with local insurance company la positiva segura, philine oft wants to persuade farmers to sign up for the el niÑo insurance scheme. until now, there is only one insurance in peru against environmental damage in the agricultural sector. >> agriculture is possibly the riskiest business in the world because it depends on the weather. the farmers can neither predict not control the weather. >> that's why the el niÑo insurance is relatively expensive: the policy holder has to pay in 7 per cent of the cost of the damage. in the event that the damage amounts to 10.000 euros, the farmers would be paying contributions of 700 euros a year.
Dec 25, 2012 2:00am PST
, the spanish government has changed laws regarding business hours. it wants visitors to the crisis- ridden country to have more time to spend money -- 90 hours a week instead of 72. >> it should help encourage trade and create more jobs in the sector. >> but the plans are threatening the siesta. the tradition of the lengthy break to unwind and relax is being sacrificed to the demands of the market. the spanish siesta was introduced in response to extreme working conditions. during the post-war period, it was not just the afternoon heat that force people to take a break. >> a lot of people had to take on two jobs at the same time. it was the only way to divide up the day so that you rested not just at night, but also had a break during the day. >> and health-care professionals say it is still a good idea. they recommend a 20-minute midday nap. they say it makes a difference at night. than a 10% of insomnia cases are chronic, and they are usually caused by work. we over lows hour days to the point where we no longer sleep well. we do not give ourselves break, and when we need more time, we t
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
further japanese moves under the new government of abe to be inaugurated this week. >>> japan's new das bore to china is set to leave for beijing and take on a host of challenges. he says he'll seek a peaceful resolution to the disputes over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. >> translator: my most urgent task is to improve relations between japan and china. >> chinese leaders are wary of japan's incoming government. the prime minister is set to being prime minister a second time. he chose china for his first overseas trips six years ago and worked to improve relations. >>> many japanese firms operate stores or factories in china. managers at some of those firms >>> family photos were leased to foster a friend lier image of the man. they released articles about his career and achievements. the articles also offered personal anecdotes. one tells of how he fell in love at first sight with his wife pen wan, a popular singer in china. he says he called her from his office every night. one of the photos shows a young xi riding a bike with his daughter on the backseat. the daughter is
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)